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Our clients can choose from a broad range of Payroll services allowing them to tailor their specific requirements. This can give big savings compared to "a one price for all" approach favoured by most Accountants. We have the latest payroll software, enabling us to e-mail payslips and monthly summaries to you, file year end returns online with HMRC and prepare and file P11D’s, we offer a complete payroll processing solution.


Many of our larger clients (and some small) prefer to do their own payroll and use McDermott & Co for advice on trickier PAYE/NI issues. Although, HMRC are making big efforts to improve their level of service, our clients prefer the immediate and personalised responses they receive from McDermott & Co.

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You may only want to use our Payroll services because you would rather outsource an area of the business that can mean more hassle than it is worth. Or, with some of our clients, Payroll is an emotive and sensitive area of the business where complete confidentiality is paramount to the smooth running of the business.

Contact us today or telephone on 0207_ 198 8411 to find out how we can tailor a package to compliment your business activities at a price that is guaranteed to be competitive. DIY Payroll can have many pitfalls, why not let McDermott & Co help you get it right first time.

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